As one of the most up and coming NVOCCs, MAK has contracts with various leading shipping lines that guarantee sales and transportation to gateway ports. These shipping lines, in return, provide feasible rates to MAK. 

MAK is a proud employer of a team of in-house professionals who ensure an easy flow of protocols. We have access to and from ports globally, to help you expand your reach internationally. Our personalised services and affordable prices go hand in hand in providing an overall smooth experience for the MAK clientele.

MAK also offers a one way charter service with great pride. We position charters, ordered in volumes, for a one way transportation from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the client’s choice of destination far east.

Adding Value

  • 01

    Stability in Pricing

    Our affordable and customer friendly prices ensure trust building with our clientele.
  • 02

    Access to Global Ports

    MAK has access to a vast range of international ports. This way we can connect with a diversity of clients, while providing international shipping.
  • 03

    Customer Friendly Staff

    The team at MAK is professionally trained to handle innumerable circumstances, hence providing our customers with smooth and seamless services.
  • 04

    Expert Forecasting

    Our industry are experts in analysing and coming up with the best ways to diversify our services while adhering to our niche- NVOCC.
  • 05

    Seamless, Personalised Services

    MAK deeply values each of its clients. Our team strives constantly to provide our clientele with personalised services, catering to their individual needs.